Frequently Asked Questions


Ans. All kinds of payment methods are available. We offer all local and international payment methods for the convenience of clients

We do not make progress day by day. After a certain period of time, we submit work and provide support after work as we believe in maintaining a long-term relationship with clients.

Yes, you can cancel your work at any time for good reason and if you pay in advance you will get it back.

No. We don't support cryptocurrency as it is illegal in our country.

Ans: It depends entirely on the number of users and servers in the workplace. Talking to you about your work Jazz It Solutions will offer a custom offer that will cover all your equipment at once and provide the services you need to run your business smoothly every day.

Ans: We've got you covered here, we have dedicated IT supporters who are always on hand to help you, they know your networks and you also can fill out our CONTACT form and send us a help call in an hour. This service is included in our Unlimited Elite Agreement.

Ans: With over 5+ years of experience, Jazz IT Solutions has been able to navigate this changing world and provide the best service to our clients. Our clients have benefited from our excellent service and next-generation solutions, because we deliver on time, budget and with your business goals in mind.

Ans: We try to communicate with our clients as soon as possible. Our help desk is always available and depending on the severity of the problem a client is facing, we take action within 24 hours. Our goal is to meet your IT needs and create an active, robust and smart IT infrastructure that will reduce hassles and downtime..

Ans:Of course. We have worked with many internal IT departments to manage a project-based or day-to-day activities. We consult with others and work according to their needs.

Ans: It all depends on what level of service you want to take and what you want to achieve. We have different types of services and we determine the cost of their services in consultation with our clients.